Tucking & materials
  • Dump trucking
  • Crushed Rock,
  • sand & gravel
  • Top soil

General excavation
  • Road & driveway construction
  • Road & driveway re-construction
  • Clearing
  • Drainage & ditching
  • Demolition
  • Rip Rap and shore line protection

Building & structures excavation
  • Site prep for residential  dig outs
  • Site prep for Commercial dig outs
  • Excavation for underground utilities
  • Site Cleanup
  • Fills & fill material

We strive to provide dependable service, exceptional work, and competitive pricing. No matter the size of the project we approach all projects with seasoned experience.


We are well versed in all the challenges that come with new construction, demolitions, or remodels. We have worked in conditions in and around the Central Oregon coast, including:, heavily treed tight locations, difficult slopes, sand or wet sites. We can help you with your project by offering cost saving advice and logistical planning, two challenges that come with moving dirt. 

Dollowitch & Morgan is a professional excavating company with over 43 years of experience serving Lincoln County and the Central Oregon Coast. We offer complete excavation services for residential and commercial clients and specialize in grading, site prep, utilities and land clearing, roads, driveways, trenching, septic and drain field installation, gravel and fill dirt, and trucking needs. We have years of experience in all areas of excavation, and perform our work with company-owned equipment.

Excavation serving the Central Oregon Coast

Septic Systems
  • Septic  site evaluation
  • Site monitoring
  • application preparation 
  • test holes
  • Septic system design & application
  • Septic system installation
  • Septic system repairs

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Excavation services